i redesigned the website so now it looks a lot more colorful n stuff :D also added an about me page


finally got the site up and running!


happy thanksgiving i just ate sum tacos. taking a break from website development for a while since i have a school project due december 3rd


added top songs! big shoutout to my cousin, kylie, for being a big help with this site. my deadline for making this site public is before thanksgiving break ends. (about a week from now.) anyways, thanks for the help! :D


basically i improved this site and added more features. its not yet public though. once i add a decent amount of stuff here i'll give it a url and stuff. i kinda started this because its kinda therapeutic?? i mean school's pretty stressful so its nice to be working on something to get my mind off of it. i'll add something here every 2 or 3 days. anyways, welcome to my first website.